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By Laura Blenkinsop

News Editor

More than one angry student may be sending powdered death threats to Ryerson, and police are looking to admissions and enrollment services to help find suspects from the second anthrax scare that happened on Oct. 27.

“We suggest that they keep a tab on who they’re having major disputes with,” said Harry Morris, the detective in charge of the Oct. 27 case. He said so far his case is not connected to the Sept. 17 incident.

Morris is now investigating another threatening letter that was sent to enrollment services around Oct. 30.

On Oct. 31, admissions installed panic buttons. The rest of enrollment services has had them for over two years but Charmaine Hack, director of admissions, said it wasn’t possible until this fall.

Imre Juurlink, security supervisor, said security responds to irate people around admissions and enrollment services two to three times a week.

“When you combine a long line up with being given bad news, people tend to not react well,” she said.

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