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By Julianna Cummins

News Editor

The board of directors meeting was essentially a preview of the election. Members of the former Ryevolution slate said money is missing from students’ pockets, that the elections are corrupt, and are demanding the university examine every aspect of the Ryerson Students’ Union. Jabbar and other former Renew members are saying this violates everything a students’ union stands for — a union cannot be an advocate for students if the university has access to everything behind the member office’s doors.

Even if the audit isn’t finished before the election, the arguments for and against the original motion will still be relevant.

The new CRO said he’s examined the election files from last year and has a good idea of what he’s in for. But if the board of directors meeting is any indication, he will be dealing with a different kind of election — one where reputations, both personal and slate, will be on the line like never before.

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