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Eyeopener Staff

Deloitte and Touche LLP will be conducting a two-year audit of the RSU’s election procedures and the health and dental plan.

The motion passed by the board of directors called for a 20-year audit of election procedures, the health and dental plan and overall functioning — to be completed by Feb. 5.

The audit will be done in two phases. The first phase will be available before the election, and will offer basic recommendations on procedure.

“We will have a more detailed examination of the bylaws and procedures that we will provide to the RSU for” said Michael Parent, a media rep for Deloitte. He couldn’t comment on the conditions of the health and dental plan audit.

RSU president Muhammad Ali Jabbar isn’t surprised by changes to the audit.

“They neglected everything that made sense to go for this magical mystery audit,” said Jabbar.

Business faculty director Abdullah Snobar is still happy with how the audit will be conducted covering the health and dental plan and election procedures. “Those are the two things I wanted. Not just me, also the board,” said Snobar.

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