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By Shirley Lin

The superintendent of an apartment building near the International Living Learning Centre (ILLC) is out of commission after sustaining injuries from a scuffle with Ryerson security last October.

Victor French, the superintendent of 250 Jarvis St., was in the ILLC’s garage one late afternoon, running a test on the generator that is shared between the two buildings. That’s when two Ryerson security officers approached him, accusing him of trespassing.

French, who was regularly hired to do this work at the ILLC and didn’t have his identity card on him, told security that he worked for the ILLC and to check with the superintendent for proof. But failing to prove his identity after security’s requests, a resident of 250 Jarvis said two other guards were called and assaulted him. French was handcuffed when police were called but was released.

Louise Mimnagh, a resident of 250 Jarvis, said French, in his late fifties, suffered injuries to his face, hips and shoulders, and broken ribs. “He could have shown them several things, he had a key, he just refused to do anything to solve the problem,” said Malcolm Marcus, the building’s property manager.

French refused to comment. As of press time, he wasn’t planning on taking legal action against management.

Security supervisor Imre Juurlink couldn’t comment on the specific case, but said Ryerson security follows procedures outlined by Toronto police.

This isn’t the first time tenants have had a run-in with security, Mimnagh said. She wants security properly informed about the building’s facilities, residents and employees.

The generator is one of the few facilities shared by both buildings, including a fire system and a boiler room.

“It’s more of an annoyance when they get new security in. They’re not briefed properly and we never really see anyone consistently,” Mimnagh said.

“It’d be nice if they were briefed on the points of who we are and what bits we share, like a good neighbour policy.”

This is the second time in less than a month that Ryerson security has faced complaints of excessive force. In early January, a student claimed security physically assaulted him outside the Ram in the Rye last year.

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