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Amit Shilton

News Editor

You might have noticed our campus has become a little busier over the last few days.

High school students on their March break have been visiting our campus, checking us out. I’m sure most are impressed with our practical programs, tiny class sizes and location in the downtown core.

But I’d bet there’s a lasting impression they don’t forget: our shitty gym.

There’s no doubt most of these students are also visiting our biggest competition, York University and the University of Toronto.

At U of T, students will be oohed and aahed by Varsity Stadium, a 5,000-seat state-of-the-art complex with an eight-lane track. At York, the Tate McKenzie Fitness Centre has an impress 11,000 square foot fitness facility.

Voting ‘Yes’ in the current athletic referendum will not only give these prospective students a facility they won’t be embarrassed about, it shows that we give a damn about their future.

It shows students that yes, we do want to make the gym accesible to everyone.

That we want a centre where every student can feel comfortable, no matter their gender or religion. That yes, we are proud to support our student athletes and varsity teams.

And most importantly, that we can encourage our students to live a healthy lifestyle. Because at a university, a healthy body means a healthy mind.

The ‘No’ campaign makes the argument that students shouldn’t have to shoulder the load for the new building. They say that the government should step up to the plate and fund our construction project instead.

Fat chance.

Waiting on the government to support sports and recreation is like waiting for the Leafs to win the Stanley Cup. I’m sorry, but it ain’t happening.

They also say that voting on a referendum that we won’t have to pay for isn’t fair to future Ryerson students, who still start paying in 2012. But this is how these things are done. Even the Student Campus Centre, home of the Ryerson Students’ Union, was built on a referendum.

If you need further proof go around and ask the students on tour. See if they mind, but I doubt it.



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