It’s not too late to join the cult

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Carla Wintersgill


I just finished updating the excel spreadsheet that I use to keep track of all our volunteers and their amount of contributions. Normally, this isn’t a very exciting or noteworthy task. But tonight was different. Tonight, The Eyeopener hit the 150 mark.

That’s 150 students who have volunteered their writing, photography and artistic skills to this paper. When I started at the paper, I made it a part of my mandate to increase the amount of volunteers we had. I’m painfully aware of the reputation that The Eyeopener has for being cliquish at best and cultish at worst.

But these numbers help to dispel that myth. Well, we might still be a cult, but at least we’re one of FLDS proportions and I’m hungry for more followers.

I’m still getting emails from students who are hoping to get involved with the Eye, so I’m going to use this space to shamelessly self-promote.

We have four issues left for the year, but it is never too late to volunteer for the paper. You don’t have to be a journalism student , or a writer. We could always use proofreaders (especially on Mondays and Tuesdays), photographers (I’m looking at you image arts students) and artists. All you have to do is wander into our office (SCC 207) and talk to the editor of the section you’d like to volunteer for. We’ll set you up from there.

And if you really want to drink the Kool-Aid, our elections are coming up on April 2. All positions (including mine) are up for grabs and nomination forms are available in the office. So if you’ve ever dreamed of shaking things up at the Eyeopener, what are you waiting for? Come in and make your mark on the paper.


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