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By Agata Zieba

A study space for continuing education students has been eliminated after renovations in the Continuing Education Students’ Association of Ryerson offices over the winter break.

“Mostly full-time students were using them,” said Mohammad Ali Aumeer, CESAR’s VP programming and outreach. “Continuing education students weren’t making use of it.”

The eliminated study space included a few computers, tables and sofa chairs. The renovations came from the CESAR budget, and the space is now a reception area with two computers.

“I was shocked that it’s been removed. It’s hard enough to seek out tranquil study space as it is, so the decision leaves me incredulous,” said Adam Dmytriw, a fourth-year biology student. “Non-continuing education students were also using the lounge. Heaven forbid. We’re spending money on potentially less study space.”

But Toby Whitfield, the RSU’s VP finance, plans on building a study space in the SCC for all students.

“I’m looking for a similar space (as the CESAR offices) where we could put four or five computers, desks and a lounge, even though it’ll be smaller,” he said.

Whitfield said CESAR will be donating the computers they got rid of to the new lab when it’s complete, which he hopes will be by September.

His main goal is to improve student study space on campus. “We have a lot of space. If we could spend some money, and make really good study spaces, that’d be wicked.”

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