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By Amit Shilton

News Editor

Toronto police are investigating the theft of a safe holding between $8- 12,000 in cash that was stolen from the CopyRITE office at the end of March.

The safe, which was said to have both a padlock and key, was completely lifted from the office sometime over the weekend of March 27 to March 30. The theft was reported to Ryerson security at 1:30 p.m. on March 31.

Ryerson security supervisor Imre Juurlink said the safe was large enough to have required at least two people to carry it out of the building. The stolen safe is one of three that are kept in the office. The contents of the other safes were not disclosed by security.

The safe was a temporary location for storing money. A Brinks truck comes by the Student Campus Centre once a week to take money from different offices and deposit it into the Ryerson Students’ Union’s accounts.

There were no alarms placed on the safe and no signs of forced entry into the CopyRITE office.

All CopyRITE staff and Ryerson security and maintenance workers have key-card access to the CopyRITE office over the weekend.

“I can only imagine they’re looking into videotapes,” said Ryerson Students’ Union VP finance and services Toby Whitfield.

Juurlink said Ryerson security is in the process of reviewing security camera footage from the office. But she said the process is often an extensive one that takes a while to complete.

“When something goes missing, obviously we’re concerned. But that’s why police were called,” said Whitfield. “These things are out of control. You do what you have to do, you move on. One thing we’ll be looking at is different safety measures across the students’ union.”

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