Surrendering the keys to the throne

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You may not know it, but Ryerson has its very own palace on campus.

It’s not the biggest palace and surely not the most luxurious. It doesn’t house any historical artifacts or even a king and queen.

In fact, you won’t hear about it anywhere else other than this issue. Because it’s not a palace at all but rather the best washroom on campus.

My relationship with public washrooms has dogged me for as long as I can remember. To this day, I can’t bear the thought of doing my business with strangers in the same room.

One time when staying overnight at the Eyeopener office, I polished off a two litre bottle of Canada Dry to ease excruciating stomach pains from avoiding the washroom. On a week-long vacation, I embarrassingly held it in until my feet touched Canadian soil.

This was all before I was introduced to the Palace.

On the second floor of Oakham House and down the hall from Thomas Lounge, the washroom is truly supreme. The tiled floor is always clean, there is an abundance of toilet paper rolls and the toilet (known as the throne) hardly shows any signs of wear. Best of all, it’s often deserted, guaranteeing peace and privacy.

I think spots like the Palace make a real difference in the student experience. Whether it be the safest place to park your car or the cheapest place to get a drink, these little-known campus treasures should be cherished. They are ours. One of the few things that personally define our time at this university.

In this issue, our guide to Ryerson campus life, we wanted to highlight some of the personal treasures we’ve collected over the years (our editors choose their favourite washrooms on page 7). It’s not necessarily about stories that are important, but ones that students care about.

So now that you know all about my washroom habits, please feel free to check us out every week. Our stands are all over campus and we’re free. If anything, it’s good reading material for the next time you decide to claim the throne.




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