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By Manley Huynh

Think it’s cheaper to buy a six-pack tonight? A good bottle of wine can cost as little as three toonies, plus taxes of course.

“(Wine is) very helpful and can enhance many of the foods that you eat,” said Sean Newton, product consultant at the LCBO. “A lot of university students might have wine at their first dinner party maybe, when they’re with their girlfriends. It gives them a sense of growing up.”

With so many reasons to enjoy wine, you might wonder how you can afford it after paying a hefty tuition and working minimum wage jobs. But not only is it inexpensive, you can get great quality and taste for under $10.

“There is great value with wines from Portugal and Spain; they’re rusty, run-down chunky wine and are usually around $9. Younger people prefer the Australian brands of red wine, especially Shiraz, because they are easier to enjoy and really ripens the taste of grilled food,” said Newton.

For those that have always wanted to join in on the fun but never really knew where to start, many LCBO stores are having special tastings until October 10.

And when in doubt, you can always just ask for help.

“In many cases, those new to wine tasting quite often start with lighter whites and then as they learn more they become interested in more full bodied whites and then reds,” said Magdalena Kaiser-Smit, public relations director of Wines of Ontario.

“Wine appreciation is something that evolves with each individual in their own unique way,” she said.


Interested in developing your wine palate? Newton recommends:

For red Wine: Hardy’s Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon (from $9-$56) 14%

For white: Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc (Approx. $20) 13.5%

For champagne (Sparkling): Friexenet Codoron Negro ($8-$13) 11.5%

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