Hefty book fee hits U of T

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By Nick Lypaczewski

Ryerson students hoping to access the University of Toronto’s library collection will discover that knowledge comes at a price.

Starting Oct. 1, library users who aren’t from U of T will have to pay a fee to access the school’s resources.

“Our students can’t subsidize other students,” said Carole Moore, chief librarian of Robarts, U of T’s humanities and social sciences library.

According to Moore, the cost of maintaining the library increases over 7 per cent per year.

Borrowing privileges will cost $200 per year.

Ben Lewis, a Ryerson communications and culture grad student sees U of T’s material as a critical resource for grad students.

He plans to write to John Milloy, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, to see if he’ll intervene in a new borrowing policy.

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