Inspection threatens to pull CKLN off the air

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After a year mired in controversy, CKLN 88.1 FM is at risk of losing their broadcasting license. On Sept. 15, an inspector from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commissions (CRTC) flew in from Ottawa to assess the station that violated their license agreement by broadcasting dead air for several weeks. Right now, CKLN is airing pre-recorded programming while its brand new board of directors — elected on July 24 — prepares to relaunch the station, notorious for a long history of infighting between management and board members. Ron Nelson, interim chair of the newly appointed CKLN board of directors, thinks the CRTC inspection will be a catalyst for change. “It’s a disciplinary measure that we needed,” he said, adding that he’s confident CKLN will hang onto its license and be back on the airwaves between Oct. 1 and 15. In the meantime, all listeners can do is wait. The CRTC will make their decision within two weeks, said Peter Toh, treasurer of CKLN’s new board. “Our license renewal comes up in 2014,” said Toh. “But like a driver’s license, it can be pulled at any time.”

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