Part-time biz kids pay in full

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By Ross Apbour

Ryerson has started slapping full-time course fees on business management students taking three or more courses per semester.

The Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) has begun classifying students with two courses per  semester as full time. Previously, they could take three courses and still be considered part-time.

A full-time business management student pays $92.83 more than their part-time counterparts.

Neil Wolff, associate dean of the undergraduate studies at TRSM, argues its not fiar to the full time students with three courses that those studying part-time pay less for the same privileges, adding that existing part-time students with more than two courses are permitted to continue taking them.

This doesn’t site well with the Continuing Education Student’s Association of Ryerson (CESAR). The group us fighting to change the decision, suggesting Ryerson define a full-time student has having four or more courses.

Faced with added costs of full-time studies, students have approached CESAR with complaintes about the new policy, said its president, Mohamed Ali Aumeer.

“Its unfair to charge part-time students more than they previously paid for no specific reason,” Aumeer said, adding the administration refused to clarify wether students were consulted prior to the change.

Because the deadline for tuition payment has passed, if CESAR is successful the reversal would be effective next year or next semester for students who elect to defer their fees.

Vice provost students , Heather LAne Vetere calls some of the information CESAR has distributed “incorrect”

Lane Vetere and Wolff have been meeting with CESAR to discuss resolutions.

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