Rye’s Big Five funding bullies

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By Max Mertens

In the race for Federal research grants, five of Camada’s largest university seem bent on bullying smaller schools like Ryerson out of potentail funding.

Last year, the ‘Big Five’ – University of Alberta, University of British Colombia, University of Toronto, McGill University, and Universite de Montreal – received a third of all the funding handed out to universities for research Now their leaders are pushing for the allocation of research cash  to larger, a move that could alienate and discourage smaller Canadian Universities.

“This is the game that bigger universities play,” said Tas Venetsanopoulos, vice president of research and innovation. “The most important thing is to make sure funds are still going to Ryerson.

According to Venetsanopoulos, Ryerson has received $22 million in research grants so far this year. He adds that himself and President Sheldon Levy are in constant contact with the federal government  and make regular visits to Ottawa.

Kamran Behdinan, chair of Ryerson’s department of aerospace engineering, thinks grants should be based on an institution’s productivity and output rather than status.

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