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World-renowned architect Will Alsop might be stepping foot on campus as early as this semester to give Ryerson’s architecture program a leg up. In 2000, Alsop won the Stirling Prize for the Pekham Library in London. He’s also known locally for his work on OCAD’s tabletop building. Right now he’s working on two subway extensions. Mohamed Lachemi, interim dean of architecture, is looking forward to exposing his masters architecture students to someone with international experience. “He has a very unique sign in terms of architecture,” said Lachemi. Lachemi said they are still in negotiations with Alsop, but he is hoping to have the architect give a public lecture later this semester and work on masters’ theses part-time as well. Some may have expected Alsop to sign on with the University of Toronto’s architecture department, but the ‘starchitect’ is known for cheering on the underdog. “I like the graduate department at Ryerson because it’s fairly young,” said Alsop in an August Toronto Star article. If negotiations work out, Daniel Beasse, a second-year masters architecture student, could benefit from Alsop’s input on his thesis next semester. Alsop would be “looking at it from a different perspective,” said Beasse. However, Beasse doesn’t expect to benefit immediately from the glow of Alsop’s reputation. He thinks that would take time to develop. “I think it will be interesting,” he said.


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