DJ hired to spin tracks at home games

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By Cory Wright

Ryerson has partnered with a local DJ to play live music at Rams home games in Kerr Hall.

DJ Maken has been commissioned by the school to spin tracks at basketball and volleyball games starting Oct. 24 at the men’s basketball home opener against Western.

Chris Nadavallil, events coordinator at Ryerson, says that the goal of bringing in a DJ is to spice up athletics and reward the fans who attend regularly.

“This is a service we provide for the people who come,” said Nadavallil, “not to bring in too many [outside] people.”

Athletic director Ivan Joseph, however, believes this could boost attendance numbers.

“Having more fans gives the team more energy,” said Joseph. “You always look at it as home field should be the advantage.

“We’re trying to sustain the kind of energy from last year’s [men’s playoff] basketball game.”

But Joseph doesn’t see the hiring as a long-term solution to the school’s poor crowd numbers.

“The ultimate solution is to create a better product, or bring in more student housing. A more traditional campus would help,” he said.

The use of DJs is not commonplace at the college and university level, said Nadavallil, although jockeys do play during professional sporting events such as Raptors games.

“No one is really doing it in Ontario or Canada. It’s pretty cutting edge and unique,” said Nadavallil.

It’s that kind of spirit that Joseph hopes the school’s athletics will tap into, as varsity teams are always competing against the vast amount of nightlife in Toronto.

Maken has agreed to take requests from fans during games. Funds for the project haven’t been disclosed.

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