Four year high for locker thefts

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By Ross Arbour

Locker thefts at Ryerson are on the rise, security reports, almost tripling from 2006 during the first weeks of school.

Between September and October in 2006 there were six reported thefts. But that number shot up to 16 within the same period this year.

Because a distinct break-in technique is used in each robbery, the culprit behind these thefts may be the same person or group, said Imre Juurlink, supervisor of security and emergency services.

The lockers are broken through the hasp — the piece locks are put through — by a metal bar or lever, she said.

To protect laptops and other electronics, security suggests password-protecting them and safely storing away their serial numbers, making them easier to identify. Writing your name inside textbooks can also help with verification if they go missing.

Despite preventative measures, wary students are more careful with what they store in their lockers, leaving only basic essentials.

“I never leave anything valuable in mine, just the stuff I need for theatre and dance,” said Shaea Grahlman, a first-year theatre student.

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