Tricked out for Halloween

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By Michael Duncan

Even at 28, Chris Ross still has the Halloween spirit.

“It was cool when you were a young kid and could go out,” said Ross, a fourthyear urban and regional planning student.

Ross’s favourite costume was his grim reaper dinosaur. “I had a dinosaur mask and a grim reaper staff and blade, then had lots of fake skin all cut up with razor blades,” said Ross.

What would he do with an hour to spare before the big party and $10 in his pocket?

“I would probably buy some hair dye and dye my eyebrows black. I have a sweater at home I could put on and because my hair is orange I would go as Archie.”

If Rachel Guest had her way, Halloween would be a major yearly celebration akin to Christmas.

“Halloween is a huge party for me. I wish it was a holiday but at least this year it’s on a Saturday,” said Guest, who’s in her first year of radio and television arts.

Guest’s Halloween experience last year may be among the scariest.

“In Oakville, we went to an abandoned insane asylum. We drove up this old road and explored the building. Then there were crazy clicking and banging noises and I freaked out,” said Guest.

What would she do with an hour to spare before the big party and $10 in her pocket?

“I would go out and buy some crazy glasses and maybe a wig. I would do my make-up really wild and put on tights or a body suit and go as Lady Gaga.”

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