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Fashion students are forced to find another place for late-night working after losing after hours privileges in two of their labs.

The second-year fashion lab and “overflow” lab in Kerr Hall are temporarily closed due to untidy conditions and evidence that food and drinks had been consumed in the work spaces.

Some students say the lockout prevents them from finishing projects. “It’s affected everyone’s schedules, everyone’s crammed,” said Tee Lee, a second-year fashion student. Lee and her classmates are required to design a dress from plaid fabric and fit it onto a mannequin. She said she needs materials in the labs. None are allowed to be taken outside of the room.

The assignment is due on Nov. 19 — the day the lab reopens.

While Robert Ott, chair of the fashion department, wants to see student spaces respected he believes students shouldn’t be punished by limiting their access to the lab materials.

“Honestly, I think we could do better things than to try and catch students doing something that they’re not supposed to do,” he said. “It takes resources away from the actions of just a few people, and that’s what I regret.”

Aliza Rizvi, a second-year fashion student, can’t wait for the labs to re-open. “There’s over a hundred of us,” she said. “

It’s very unfortunate that two kids decided to drink and the rest of us have to suffer.”

Rizvi hasn’t pinpointed the blame on any one, but is still frustrated about the closure. “Everything requires extra time outside of class,” she said.

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