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By Alexandra Macaulay Abdelwahab

Questions have arisen about why Abdul Snobar, general manager of the Ryerson Commerce Society (RCS), gets paid $50,000 a year.

“There is no transparency, whatsoever. Nobody knows that a general manager exists. Nobody knows that they’re paying for it,” said Yanna Chevtchouc, a business management student in her fifth year of the program.

The position was created at the end of last year. Snobar’s salary is funded by three groups. Rogers Communication Inc. is paying 40 per cent, Ryerson is paying 20 per cent and business students pay 40 per cent through the RCS budget.

Rogers saw the value in supporting the position to help the Ted Rogers School of Management grow, said Abdul Snobar, who was appointed to the position by the RCS board of governors and given a two-year contract.

“I think it’s a reasonable salary,” said Zack Membrere, a second-year business student. “They do a lot of work as general manager and if he has the experience, I think it’s reasonable.”

But not everyone agrees that the position is necessary.

“Not in any way, shape or form. There is no clear idea of what he actually does,” said Chevtchouc.

The position was discussed at a RCS semi-annual general meeting on Nov. 18. It. was open to all full-time business students to vote on by-law amendments and to hear updates from the executive.

Alyssa Williams, a second-year business management student, who was at the meeting, wonders why Rogers is interested in funding the position. “Why is a corporation sponsoring him?”

she said. “Why doesn’t he work for them?” Snobar sat on the board of governors as an advisory councillor last year, but said although he helped create the position, he had nothing to do with his appointment.

According to Snobar, the position allows him “to help RCS grow on a national scale,” through talking to people at different schools and organizations.

He also helps with corporate sponsorship. The RCS has made about $50,000 in sponsorship this year, about five times more than any other year according to Snobar.

The position isn’t the only thing Rogers is sponsoring on campus this year. The RCS will be holding the first Ted Rogers Memorial Conference in March for about 200 students from different universities.

“The conference is meant to appreciate the life of Ted Rogers,” said Naeem Hassen, RCS president.

According to Hassen, the Rogers family approached the RCS about holdingthe conference. The RCS has budgeted $45,000 for the event.

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