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By Amit Shilton

I’ve spent a lot of time in this space this year writing about life at Ryerson in one form or another.

But ultimately it always comes back to community.

One of the nicest surprises in our newspaper this year has been the success of our Tweets of the Week. What started as a one-off idea to fill up a chunk of space in our Biz and Tech section has really caught on in the Twitterverse.

A few weeks ago, someone created a hashtag for our tweets: #eyeforatweet. This week, we’ve had two tweeters use the tag.

What we’ve essentially created is a community, and it’s a really cool feeling. Kind of like an Eyeopener family.

Now people can share and talk to each other about the different experiences they have while at school. And not only does it provide for a pretty entertaining read, it makes the community a whole lot smaller.

Twitter has allowed us, as journalists, to have a better tap on what’s going on at school. But it’s also your connection to what’s happening in our office. For example, this week when thinking of what to write for my editorial, I sent out a tweet asking for suggestions.

The Eyeopener Twitter account will also be your source not only for campus stories, but also contests and giveaways. So follow us, and stay tuned.

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