Prof accused of bigoted remarks

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By Joelle Tomlinson

A business student is accusing his professor of making discriminatory comments towards members of his class.

Fifth-year business student and Eyeopener columnist Evan Kosiner, wrote an open complaint letter to Ryerson administration alleging that professor Sean Wise made inappropriate comments towards students.

Part of the letter describes situations where Wise allegedly singled out a student whose name had many syllables. Another excerpt accuses Wise of telling a girl who is new to the country to speak without her accent.

Wise said he is saddened by the accusations.

“I care for my students, and when one thinks I’m being inappropriate, I take it very seriously,” he said.

A business student, who chooses to remain anonymous, said Wise “can be rude to some students without provocation.”

Jeffrey Peng, director of the StartMeUp Program created by Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) believes Wise is a great professor.

“At no time has Sean ever had any negative malice toward students,” wrote Peng.

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