You can’t txt msg breakup

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By Matt Demers

Halfway into your fifth viewing of New Moon with your beau, you realize this isn’t for you. The lustre is gone from your relationship, but you realize there’s an easy way out. There’s a way to avoid the argument and the tears.

However tempting this may sound, don’t pick up the phone. Well, at least cut out the T9.

A recent global survey has shown that Canada is the country least likely to arrange a date or break up with someone by text message; in both cases, only 4 per cent of the surveyed cell phone users admitting doing so.

But this statistic doesn’t blunt the experience of getting a breakup message.

“It was kind of like a huge kick in the stomach,” said Alicia Hayashi, a second-year journalism student. She had a breakup over MSN, which left her unsure if the two and a half year relationship was over. “To me it was a really bad fight. It [was] so informal.” Hayashi said. “If he would have called me, I would’ve been able to hear the emotion.”

Facebook is another venue to use for an impersonal breakup.

Keith Hodder is a second-year radio and television arts student whose relationship status is hidden. “I just feel like a lot of people on Facebook try to get into other’s people’s business. I’m sure a lot of people like having that kind of support, but some people like to take care of it on their own.”

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