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By Evan Wynn Kosiner

Over the break, I really got to thinking about how I’ve been treating my life and my businesses as something scarce. It’s like kids always wanting one more present over the holidays. We still view things like those kids do, and it holds us back.

Scarcity is when the demand is greater than the product out there. It drives people into action even when it may not make sense. It’s like infomercials you see on TV — “Call now, there are only 30 left!” In my life there have been three main stories regarding scarcity running the show. There isn’t enough money. I don’t have enough clients. And there are no girls out there aligned with what I’m up to.

Over the break I really took time to look and see what’s real about each of these positions.

First, as mentioned in previous columns, there’s a ton of money out there. The people who have it are totally willing to give it if you play the game. I have a number of billionaire and multimillionaire clients and there are a few things I’ve picked up while working with them. They want me in a decent suit, clean-shaven and charismatic. And they want me to prove that my product is the best out there. If you can play that game, they’re happy to work with you and share their money with you.

There aren’t enough clients. Usually if this comes up, it’s a telltale sign the clients you’re seeking aren’t well defined. Or said differently, you’re slutting out your company to everyone and not figuring out who actually wants your product. One or two clients who bring in a ton of business may be all you need.

As for girls — that’s probably the best example of the false scarcity scare. My lady troubles were just me not being open to the amazing people out there. Once I realized the scarcity was all in my head, lots of amazing young ladies popped into my life.

Before there was comfort in saying there were simply no girls out there for me. It was their fault, not mine. In dropping that I take responsibility for my life.

If something isn’t going the way you want it to be, look for what’s going on in the background and what you aren’t being real with yourself about. A shift in the background leads to action in the foreground, leading to a life without scarcity.

Your homework for this week: Find an area of your life that you view as being limited or scarce. Be responsible for that area and break down the barrier between you and it until you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you have any questions about running your own business or have feedback for Evan, send an email to ekosiner@ryerson.ca

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