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by Carys Mills

Ryerson’s Taskforce on Anti-Racism is set to release its report next week, complete with 16 recommendations for changes.

The taskforce is a product of the Anti-Racism Coalition and has been at work since 2008 compiling information. The report was scheduled to be released in September 2009 but will now be released on Feb. 8.

“This will define the institution,” said Grace-Edward Galabuzi, taskforce co-chair and associate politics professor.

If the university adopts the report’s recommendations, Galabuzi said he believes Ryerson will become a leader in equality, which would reflect the diverse population and area.

He was unable to reveal exact reccomendations before the report’s release, but some of the suggestions are about curriculum, academic integrity, employment equity and harassment and discrimination.

“It’s the responsibility of the entire community,” said Galabuzi. Although many recommendations will call for university administration to take the first steps.

“We certainly have an interest in seeing the report,” said president Sheldon Levy. “I can assure that we will take the recommendations very seriously.”

Judy Rebick, a taskforce member, activist and professor, said a number of events at Ryerson in 2007 spurred the creation of the taskforce. Events included a “white minority” Facebook group and threats against a Ryerson Students’ Union executive.

The group of staff, students and faculty was asked to look into systemic racism through policies, procedures and practices.

Research was conducted through forums, meetings, interviews, surveys and a research project.

“We’re proposing a pretty thorough going of creating an inclusive university,” Rebick said.

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