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Forget anal, bondage and sado-masochism. Every day hundreds of new porn sites go online. I can pull up videos of women fellating men, men fellating men and women performing cunnilingus. There are videos of women fucking dogs, fucking horses, fucking humans.

There is nothing extreme about sex anymore.

Chances are good the pharmacist filling my prescription or the prof in my english class goes home and puts on a latex suit. Wikipedia has taught me more about sex than any grade 10 physical education teacher. In a time when the Internet has made sex public, what is kinky anymore?

There is more to sexual relationships than sex. We’ll take a look in the first section at the science of sex: the sounds and sights, what happens to our bodies during sex, and one of the more mysterious attractions we have.

In the second section we’ll go through the history of kink and investigate how porn has changed the way young people fuck. And on page 13 we answer all of the sex questions you’re too afraid to ask.

In the third and final section we’ll explore the emotional depth to be found in relationships, and discover that maybe the kinkiest thing we can do with one another is to be intimate.

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