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by Brittany Devenyi

It’s not just stress that forces students to pull those dreadful all-nighters. That boom, boom, pow and hankey pankey play coming from next door have probably played a role in some sleepless night.

Ryerson students know what it’s like to be kept awake by the sounds of sex, but they also know how to let loose. The animalistic sounds are sometimes what they secretly desire.

“I guessI’m a victim of [having] loud sex,” said Alyssa Garrison, a first-year journalism student.

“Last year my roommate told me she had to put her headphones up to full volume because I can get pretty rowdy.”

For other students, drowning out those thumping noises they hear from above is quite the chore, as the task can involve a broom.

Dean Park, a first-year radio and television arts student admitted to being a culprit. Park and his friends refer to the broomstick approach as “pooking.”

“I was in my room doing the deed, when all of a sudden I started to hear pooking noises coming from downstairs,” he said. “People do that a lot.”

But stabbing a broomstick at the ceiling can’t put an end to all sensual sounds.

Duncan Peng, a first-year business student experienced a noise during sex that ruined more than just the moment.

“I was having sex with my girlfriend in her friend’s attic, and in the heat of passion, I accidently knocked over a big glass coffee table,” he said.

“It pretty much sounded like I had just destroyed the whole house.” Fortunately, there are students who find other ways to enliven the mood.

“I know it’s corny, but I love when soft music is playing in the background,” said Melissa Stuart, a second-year early childhood education student.

However, there are some exceptions where no noise is actually preferable.

Sheila Edwards, a first-year arts and contemporary studies student, provided an anecdote from her friend’s sex life.

“Right in the middle of it she looks over at him and says, ‘after we’re done can we make a pizza?’” It’s clear that silence really can be a virtue.

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