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by Amit Shilton

Every time I travel, I run into people who want to know my favourite thing about Toronto.

And my response, whether I’m in Russia, India or Japan is always the same: diversity.

Their response is always the same too. A knowing smile and nod of the head. Because people, no matter where they’re from in this world, know about Toronto’s multicultural reputation.

So it was a shock picking up the Metro newspaper on Monday morning and seeing the mess in my own backyard. Ryerson gets a D for diversity?


Don’t get me wrong, the report released by the Taskforce on Anti-Racism at Ryerson highlighted a number of important recommendations.

Yes, we should have an equity position in the upper admin. Yes, we should make more resources available. And yes, there needs to be better hiring practices when it comes to profs and teachers.

But the house is not on fire.

To take Ryerson and use it as an example of racism at the university level is just not fair. If the problem is so bad here, then I can’t imagine what the same people would say about the constant riots and clashes that go on at York University. If we get a D, what about them? Problems at Ryerson exist.

If you look hard enough anywhere, you’re bound to find things you don’t agree with. But the report should be treated as a set of guidelines rather than the bible.

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