Crazy sprint on campus after bike collision: witness

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A collision at Church and Gould Streets sent a cyclist to hospital on March 16.

Police were called to the scene where a bicycle and a pedestrian collided at 8:32 a.m. It’s unclear if either person is a Ryerson community member, police said.

Joseph Norrie, a bystander, was on his way to Metro when the accident occurred.

He said the female cyclist was travelling south on Church Street toward Dundas Street when the two collided. The pedestrian was on Gould Street, walking toward Mutual Street.

“She was very much in pain at first,” Norrie said, noting she went “sideways over” her handlebars. “Her arm and her head took the brunt of the weight.”

He said the cyclist hollered, trying to alert the pedestrian.

After the collision, Norrie said the pedestrian ran away from the scene. Norrie chased after him, trying to snap a photo of the other man with his iPhone. “He kept saying, ‘I have an exam, I have an exam’,” Norrie said.

Norrie said he chased the other man through campus, along Gould Street to Mutual Street. The pedestrian ran down Mutual to Pitman Hall, ran in one door and out the other of the residence and then darted through the courtyard out front. Norrie lost him somewhere in Eric Palin Hall.

“The whole time, he still had his cigarette,” Norrie said. He believes the pedestrian could be a Ryerson student. The man was about 20-23 years old and carried a backpack.

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