Don’t drink the Kool-Aid

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This week, when we asked Ryerson students what they thought the RSU did for them, one answer was overwhelming.


As ridiculous an answer as this may be, it shouldn’t come as a shock. Last year, Tom Dolezel put himself (and frankly, the RSU elections) on the map by handing out waffles and having a free waffle day as part of his platform.

This year, the RSU banked on his success, handing out free waffles themselves. Instead of being a fun promotion, it gave the impression of an insincere students’ union desperately trying to connect with their disinterested members.

The waffle, in essence, has been the symbol of Ryerson politics over the last few years. It’s the carrot dangling from the end of a stick held by a group of student politicians trying to tell us they are just like everyday students. They’re not, and I’m not biting.

This week’s feature by Kevin Hamilton takes a look at student activism in the age of social media, and wonders if joining a Facebook group is just as good as voting.

The story comes two weeks before the RSU’s annual general meeting, where one student will try to put to a vote whether students will have the choice to opt out of the union. It’s not necessarily the best idea, but it’s coming from a good place. For a change, a student is interacting and questioning his representatives.

For a chance to continue this important discussion (and to prove the irrelevancy of the RSU), join our Facebook group: “Can This Waffle Get More Fans Than the RSU?”

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