Mayor ‘checks-in’ to office

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As Toronto’s mayoral race heats up, another push for local supremacy is brewing online.

On, users check in to locations using their smartphone’s GPS. Accumulating check-ins gets you points and badges, but real bragging rights come from being able to call yourself mayor. Whoever has the most check-ins at a location gets the title.

Currently reigning over Ryerson is Nick Kosterman, a second-year information technology management student. Individual buildings on campus have their own mayors, but Kosterman snagged the big one.

If Kosterman had real power on campus, he says he would close Gould Street, eliminate 8 a.m. classes and midterms and fight to have TTC fare included in tuition.

And he’s not done yet. Kosterman’s next goal is to steal the title of Mayor of the Ted Rogers School of Management from fellow IT management student Jaime Sorgent.

Kosterman posted this helpful tip about the TRSM:

If you are a guy and have to use the washroom and just need to do a #1 use the urinal. Guys that use stalls are f***** in the head and piss everywhere making taking a #2 very unpleasant. — Mayor of Ryerson

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