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By Nick Lypaczewski

The president’s office has bulked up Ryerson’s fledgling television station with new equipment.

RUtv received four HD cameras, estimated at $2,500 each, and two tripods. According to Scott Sniedzins, executive director of RUtv, the estimated value of all the equipment is somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000.

“We were operating with three cameras before, and now with this new donation, we can film a whole lot more content,” Sniedzins said.

He said they have many volunteers who want to get involved but with their previous equipment, production was too slow.

The president’s office was one of a the offices that donated the equipment.

“The students do a great job and I think RUtv is great to have at the university so we gave them a bit of help,” said Ryerson President Sheldon Levy.

Heather Driscoll, director of the president’s office, said various student groups approach the office for funding.

“At some point there was a funding ask and then I started to work with them to figure out what they needed, “ said Driscoll.

Heather Lane Vetere, vice-provost students, worked with the president’s office to provide the money. She said her unit has an account set aside for funding requests. Her office contributed $4,000 toward the new equipment.

Sniedzins is attending meetings later this week to figure out how the rest of the equipment will be used by the television station.

“We had stuff that needed to get filmed so they were quick to get the cameras, but the other stuff, we have to work out the details,” he said.

Though the extra funding eases dependence on the radio and television pragram, RUtv still faces challenges.

Joan Digba, in charge of communication for RUtv, said they still need more money, more equipment and possibly a physical home for the station.

Live streaming and other website developments are also on the agenda, Digba said.

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