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Low-budget: $0 – $100

It can start with a small get-together or a simple text message. Sometimes parties begin with little to no planning and the preparation takes minimal amounts of money.

“I think every party is a good party as long as you’re in good company,” says Melissa D’Abbraccio, a third-year graphic communications management student and also the vice-president of her course union. “You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have fun.”

D’Abbraccio says that she’s a huge fan of buying party supplies at Dollarama and likes to serve home-made goodies.

Medium-scale: $100 – $1000

If you’re looking at throwing more than just a house party and want to invest in a venue and prizes, then this is your price range.

Kyra Whale, vice-president of events on residence council, says that she usually starts planning events one month in advance.

She also recommends having prizes available for your attendees at the party. “People love having the opportunity to get free stuff out of it.”

Whale saiys that collaboration can help make an event easier to promote. When advertising for events, she goes all out. “It needs to catch people’s eye,” she says. “It needs to be intriguing.”

Ballin’ parties: $1000+

If you’ve got money lying all over your house and you want to be the coolest kid on the block, then this is the category for you.

“The larger the budget, the better the party,” says Todd Kjargaard, creative director from event planning company, Art of the Moment. “You want to impress your guests.”

Kjargaard also says that doing research is important for pricing the party. He says there are some costs that are forgotten or underestimated, like labour costs.

Another important part is choosing a theme. “It helps to define your design,” says Kjargaard.

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