Fashion blooms

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Ruth Weil by Hillary Sampliner

Hillary Sampliner never got a chance to meet her grandmother. But now her name — Ruth Weil — adorns every one of her designs. “I took over all her sewing supplies,” says Sampliner. This dress, made of 100 per cent silk, was dip-dyed by Sampliner in her kitchen. Working with $50-yards of fabrics, Sampliner only had one chance to dye a certain colour. “People think I’m crazy but I love what I do,” says Sampliner.

Inside Wants Out by Désiré Bara-Assi

Anatomy and the British military: an unlikely pairing but the inspiration for Desire Bara-Assi’s line Inside Wants Out. After making the switch from wanting to become a doctor to pursuing fashion, Bara-Assi took another leap with his medically inspired line. “I call it my ‘evening wear army.'”

Lilly Nichols by Kim Barr

Remember when you cringed at your mother’s old wedding dress? Eco-friendly designer Kim Barr thinks this moment should never happen. Wedding dresses are timeless to her. “I don’t want people to be embarrassed when they pull out their old wedding dress.” Barr’s concern for eco-friendly designs stems from the amount of clothes tossed away every season. “Women spend a lot of money so it should last a lot longer.”

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