Image Arts waste collector looking for cash

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A company that was responsible for hauling away waste from the ongoing construction at the Image Arts building is still looking for payment.

Atlas Recycling Systems Inc., a company contracted to take away abestos waste removed from the Image Arts building, has filed a $43,349.22 statement of claim against Krytiuck Contracting Inc. and Ryerson University.

The statement of claim outlines the details of a construction lien the company placed on the site. Construction liens are placed on construction sites when companies feel that they have not been properly paid for all the work they have completed on a job.

Krytiuk Contracting Inc. is a demolition company that was hired by PCL Constructors, the general contractor in charge of managing the project, said Ian Hamilton, the director of campus planning at Ryerson.

Krytiuk Contracting Inc. was eventually asked to leave the site by PCL Constructors. Ryerson is listed as a party of the statement of claim and as a party for the construction lien because they are the owners of the property.

“I would suggest that there had to have been some scheduling impact, and we’re just going to work that through,” said Hamilton.

Because of Krytiuk Contracting’s removal from the site, a number of companies who were also owed money by the company put liens on the property, said Hamilton.

“This is not just Atlas — it’s a wider situation here,” said Richard Hammond, the lawyer representing Atlas Recycling Services Inc.

None of these allegations have been proven in court.

According to land registry records, a total of eight construction liens had been placed on the address of the Image Arts building since 2003. Six of these liens were issued after the spring of 2009, when the Image Arts construction started.

Despite the liens, construction is continuing as planned, said Julia Hanigsberg, the general counsel of the university. She said that the school monitors the proceedings of the liens, although she did not know anything specific about the Atlas Recycling Services Inc. case.

“It’s not to be a cause of any particular anxiety,” said Hanigsberg.

Hamilton said the liens would be dealt with by PCL Constructors, not Ryerson.

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