Security catches locker thief

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Ryerson security has arrested the man allegedly responsible for looting the campus since last fall.

Jeremy Weintraub, 25, was charged with seven counts of theft and four counts of breaking and entering, police said. Weintraub, who lives in Toronto, was in court last week. He is not a Ryerson community member.

He was arrested on March 29, just before midnight by 50 Gould St.

Detective Mike Balint from the 51 Division Major Crimes Unit said Weintraub was caught on cameras by Ryerson security. He had been spotted at least twice before on video.

Weinstraub was stopped when he returned to pick up a piece of stolen property he left on campus to pick up later.

The suspect allegedly broke into lockers and stole the contents. He is also accused of stealing three projectors from offices and labs, which ranged in value from $2,000 to $4,000, All of the projectors have been recovered and returned. Ryerson’s set-up may also have contributed to why the school was targeted.

“They want people to be able to come and go which is great but there’s also some disadvanatages to that,” said Imre Juurlink, security supervisor. She said there were a number of locker break-ins reported to security that took place before Weinstraub was arrested.

Juurlink said the arrest was the result of a lot of hard work and a little luck.

“What they’ve been doing so far has been great,” Balint said of Ryerson security’s help.

Kailynn White, a third-year early childhood education student, said she’s noticed posters about locker break-ins mostly in Kerr Hall.

“I never put anything in it [the locker] for long, obviously it’s not safe,” she said.

—with files from Lee Richardson

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