Band’s booze offer ends concert

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By Nicole Siena and Rebecca Burton

A Toronto-based band was kicked off the stage at the Ryerson University Block Party on Gould Street this past Wednesday when the lead singer offered the crowd alcohol during one of his songs.

Police immediately shut down the event after the liquor bottle was produced on stage by lead singer Alex Van Den Hoeuf.

Ryerson students continued to chant for the band, named DUBBS, to continue. But Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) executives, who were running the event, immediately turned off the sound and lights.

“Event’s over,” said Sean Carson, VP Student Life and Events, after he grabbed an extra mic from the control table opposite the stage.

Caitlin Smith, VP Finance grabbed another mic on stage. “You can party elsewhere, you just gotta get the hell outta here. Go to the Ram, they have cheap drinks for people 19 plus.”

According to the RSU Facebook event, the Block Party event was supposed to run until 2:00 a.m. but instead was shut down at 12:08 a.m. due to the infringement.

“The show was seriously fun,” said business management student, Lana Anabtawi. “We were disappointed when it got shut down.”

The event was hosted by the RSU and was part of the Ryerson University’s annual week of welcome. The night started out as an outdoor dance party, along with a beer garden and shisha lounge, until students were surprised by special appearance from the band DUBBS. Lead vocalist Van Den Hoeuf was a first year student at Ryerson, before he dropped out this past fall due for upcoming tour with the popular Electro/Hip-Hop group, LMFAO.

“When the cops came, we just sat down, everyone else was still dancing,” said Anabtawi. “People wanted more they kept on cheering ‘we want DUBBS.’”


  1. Perhaps licensing the area could be a good idea for next year.

    One slightly silly action shouldn’t have killed the entire thing.

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