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Matthew Prescott Oxman and Vicki Kuglin have the first look at Ryerson’s exhibits that will be presented at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche this Saturday.

This Saturday, ditch the beer pong tournament and get some culture. On Oct. 2, from 6:57pm until sunrise the following Sunday, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche festival turns Toronto into a nighttime contemporary arts wonderland. The public (that’s you!) is invited, for free, to view and interact with a variety of international and national art projects, at more than 130 city destinations. For the fourth year in a row (out of five in festival history), Ryerson University is one of the contributors. Shirley Lewchuck, Director of Outreach and Communications for the Faculty of Communication and Design and the unofficial Nuit Blanche coordinator for Ryerson give us a sneak peek at what’s in store.

The Swans’ Lake by the School of Interior Design and Ryerson Theatre School

The Swans’ Lake is a contemporary twist on Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet. No ordinary dance recital, the exhibit is a set of motorized swans twirling around, complete with little tutus. On display in the pedestrian passage on the North side of the Heidelberg Centre, the swans will leave visitors with a wry smile on their faces.  Lewchuck says the whole point of this exhibit is to “have fun and be able to laugh.”

Landscapes, Cityscapes, Mindscapes: Experimental Films and Videos by the School of Image Arts

Stop, have a look, and stay for as long as you like at 350 Victoria Street, where students and faculty of the School of Image Arts showcase their short films. The project gives a large number of students the chance to display their work, says Lewchuck. She adds that: “People at Nuit Blanche aren’t there for a long time. They’re there for a good time,” and the short films give these people a good chance to “graze.”

U-Nity At Work by the School of Interior Design

As you walk along the outside North Wall of the School of Interior Design, U-Nity At Work will draw you in. Created by an Interior Design student, the project affords the viewer a glimpse into the interior of a building from the exterior, giving the illusion of “x-ray vision”, explains Lewchuck. For once, it is not only accepted, but also expected of you to be a Peeping Tom.

At Different Angles by the School of Graphic Communications Management

Multiple projected screens take you through the history of communication in this video installment, which is the first contribution to the festival by the School of Graphic Communications Management. The result Lewchuck calls educative and entertaining, or simply “edutainment.” At Different Angles will be on display in the Heidelberg Centre.

Here’s Looking At You

After reading about these fantastic projects, you may be planning to attend the festival.  But maybe you’re busy, or you just can’t stay up all night.  Here’s Looking At You has you covered.  Throughout the night, Ryerson newscaster teams will gather footage from every festival exhibit and broadcast it on screens at the RCC, on Rogers TV Cable 10 via live web streaming and on the Rogers OMNITV screen at Dundas Square.

“Nuit Blanche is not a party; it’s an experience. It’s letting yourself go in a different way. It’s letting the exhibits touch your senses. You don’t need alcohol. You don’t need all the other things. You will also get the energy. You can get the fantasy. You can get the buzz. You get it from the crowd, and you get it from exhibits. That’s really what you should be there to experience. That’s what the party is,” said Lewchuck.

Photo: The Swan’s Lake by Ryerson’s School of Interior Design and Theatre School.  Provided by Shirley Lewchuck


On Saturday look for the Eyeopener’s live coverage of the festival via Twitter.  Community editor Allyssia Alleyne and Arts & Life editor Gianluca Inglesi will be attempting to critique the elaborate exhibits of the night.

Community editor: http://twitter.com/AllyssiaAlleyne

Arts & Life editor: http://twitter.com/gianluca_i


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