Fight the back-to-school blahs

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School is officially back in session. We’re trading in bikinis for binders and waking up before noon again.  Feeling a bit down? You shouldn’t.

The days of tanning on European beaches and getting drunk on cottage patios might be behind us, but this doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Midterms are still weeks away and it has yet to get dark before seven. With a little bit of imagination, we should all be able to make the most out of these precious last days of summer. If you’re a little stumped, don’t worry. I’m a seize-the-day kind of girl, so I have a few ideas that I encourage you boys and girls of summer to try.

1. Chill out on a patio

You know it’s summer when local restaurateurs bust out the patio furniture. Make the most of the summer’s remaining sunny patches and indulge in this rich summertime tradition.  Kensington Market hotspot Wanda’s Pie in Sky (287 Augusta Ave.)  is great for people who like some dessert with their people-watching. If you can’t make it out to a patio, try sitting at one of the tables set up around Gould Street and Victoria Street. It’s free, it’s close and it gives you a great view of the most depressing Brutalist architecture east of Robarts Library. But don’t waste your time: do it now. Winter’s coming, which will mean switching those frozen drinks for Robitussin and those patios for anywhere with central heating.

2. Have one last blockbuster of a party

Don’t let this lax first week of school fool you. By this time next month, you’ll be up to your neck (or at least naval) with assignments and midterms. It’s best to just give your summer party bug one last hurrah before textbooks and cheap coffee take over your life. May I suggest a cozy, homemade dinner followed by vodka, tequila non-alcoholic Jell-O shots? Or maybe one last house party to rule all house parties? I don’t know how you like to party during  the summer, but I encourage you to do it one last time before you lose the luxury of being carefree.

3. Get outside!

I realize that this sounds like the slogan to combat youth inactivity, but I really do believe that going outside is a must. I know it’s fun to kick around indoors playing Boggle or reading aloud, or doing whatever it is that the kids are doing these days, but you’ll regret spending all of your time inside once the snow starts to fall. Have a picnic in Trinity Bellwoods or take the ferry out to Toronto Island. Jog the trails before the cold forces you to work out indoors. Play Quidditch in the quad. Make Michelle Obama proud.

4. Catch a movie at the Toronto International Film Festival

Alright, so this isn’t a summer thing. But TIFF represents creativity, spirit and excitement! Are these not the principles upon which summer was founded all those years ago? If you’re still not buying it, just check out the festival for the chance to say you saw a movie before it hits theatres, indulge your inner movie snob, or glimpse your favourite celebrity. Hell, you may as well just skip the flick and get straight to the celeb stalking. I know a girl who ran into/stalked out the Jonas Brothers multiple times during last year’s festival. This year, that could be you and James Franco!

If you give all of these a try and still feel depressed at the thought of school, don’t worry: it’s more common than you think.

What will you miss most about summer? Strappy sandals? The eternal sunshine? The hot, tanned flesh constantly on display? Now I’m depressing myself…

Here’s to another school year, Ryerson!



Allyssia Alleyne is the Eyeopener’s foxy, intelligent Communities Editor. Find her on Twitter @AllyssiaAlleyne or @TheEyeopener if you want your event covered or want to chat about your Ryerson community.

Seriously, do it.

Photo by Allyssia Alleyne

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