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By guest blogger Daniela Gysler

Summer is officially over according to the calendar. But weather wise? Not really.

It’s that fickle time of year again, when we desperately try to transition our wardrobes from summer to fall and, let’s face it, the calendar month and the weather do not coordinate. Yes, we’ve been though this before, yet we still find ourselves jumping prematurely into our heavy fall wardrobe and sweating all day, or freezing whilst trying to keep summer alive. Here are a few simple tips to make this year’s transition into fall as easy, comfortable and stylish as possible without the midday wardrobe changes.

For the boys…

Those who are a little more hot-blooded than the pack can continue to wear shorts paired with a tee shirt or buttoned-down oxford, but adding a slim-fitting or over-sized cardigan will help keep the cold out. Not feeling the cardi? Opt for a crewneck sweatshirt, which was a big look on the Fall 2010 runways (Tommy Hilfiger, Prada, Calvin Klein), instead. For an extra dash of style, try a bold scarf, which will provide an accent point and pull your outfit together. A scarf is also an easy layer to throw on or take off as the temperature changes.

Jeans are a staple piece for men year round and will continue to be one during this transition period. A longer pant leg is an obvious change from the warmer months, but a casually rolled hem can provide a little extra breeziness when needed. Jus be careful not to roll too high and cut off blood circulation!

It’s not quite cold enough for a winter coat yet, but a sport coat can add a dressier layering element to a casual look. If you’re looking for something a bit more avant-garde, try out another runway trend and pick up an army fatigue jacket.

For the girls…

This in-between period provides a great chance for ladies to get creative with what they already own. The end of summer doesn’t need to mean the end of summer trends! This means that your floral pieces will still be fresh for fall, but try pairing them with darker autumn tones, like a pair of dark brown boots or camel belt, to keep it timely with changing seasons. Throw in an oversized cardigan and a scarf and you have yourself a cute fall look. Pairing blazers with shorts (with or without tights), or tempering an abbreviated hem with a bulkier sweater and boots are other easy summer/fall outfits.

If need be, pick up some accent pieces that will both pull the look together and protect you from the elements. Scarves, knit hats and tights are great items to add to your wardrobe because they come in a variety of colours and style to satisfy every taste and price point.

But the secret must-have-piece for this is a medium to oversized tote or shoulder bag. This way you can be prepared for anything. It will carry your books and laptop, as well as your scarf, sweater and umbrella.

Don’t let the weatherman’s mood swings get you down during this awkward season transition. Get creative, dress smart and stay stylish.

Photo by Marta Iwanek


  1. Great ideas for keeping me in the “groove”! I will take a sweater, umbrella and a oversized bag to carry everything! Great article. 🙂

  2. Glad you liked it! I’m really into fashion, so I hope that we can provide more of this kind of content throughout the year. 🙂

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