Party on floor shitshow

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By Sarah Del Giallo

Getting sloshed, smashed, stewed. All are expected to occur when you leave home for university.

First year is known for stupid, drunken behaviour that will be remembered for years to come — if not forgotten entirely in the haziness of the morning after.

Kristine Norris, a third-year dance student, lived in Pitman Hall her first year. One night a floormate came stumbling into her suite, hammered, with a bottle of maple syrup in her hands.

“She had just had sex with some guy on floor seven. She couldn’t remember his name, but she did tell us the details. Before it started she asked him, ‘I kind of want to get back to drinking so will this take long?’”

Second-year journalism student Gin Sexsmith had her own drunken mishap while living at ILLC.

“Early off in September, there was a rez party. I got way too wasted drinking Trinidadian rum, and me and one of my friends ended up going to another floor to find this guy,” she said.

“I ended up making out with him, and it was so sloppy. I didn’t know how I got myself into that situation — actually, I think it was the Trinidadian rum,” said Sexsmith. “We’re friendly acquaintances now, but there were a few awkward elevator conversations at first.”

The parties don’t end with frosh. Nick Saites, a second-year Radio and Television Arts student enjoyed one of his first nights back from Christmas break with friends.

“I found everyone on my floor in my friend’s room having a huge beer pong tournament. We had so much fun that we kept having tournaments for the rest of the week,” Saites said.

“I think we were drunk for 12 of the first 14 days we were back, which is a big accomplishment.”

Saites managed to get As in most of his first-year classes and says the key to success is time management.

“Make school work your first priority, then spend the rest of your time partying.”

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