RSU introduces new $30K position

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A controversial fifth executive position was created last year to lessen workload of the Ryerson Students’ Union

By Nicole Siena

The Ryerson Student’s Union (RSU) has a fifth executive position on the board for the first time.

The decision to create a vice -president equity was voted in favor at last falls Semi Annual General Meeting (SA GM).

Rodney Diverlus, a third year dance major, was elected to take the position.

“He was elected the same way all the executives were elected, by the students,” said Toby Whitfield, president of the RSU.

The decision to create a fifth executive was submitted to last falls SA GM due to the VP education’s over stressed portfolio.

“The equity committee had ideas for stuff they wanted to do, but the v.p. education was just not able to do,” said Diverlus. “They simply didn’t have the resources.”

At the SA GM, the creation of the position came, taking equity and sustainability from the VP education and putting it into the new position- v.p. equity.

“That makes it one stream line portfolio that takes care of equity and sustainability issues,” said Diverlus.

From previous years, people have been talking about how the expansion of portfolios.

“It has actually allowed for more work to be done. Especially with the equity and sustainability issues, to solidify our commitment as a students union to do equity and sustainability work,” said Diverlus.

“I don’t remember if I had approached him [for the position],” said Whitfield. “It was months ago.”

Each RSU executive is required to work a 40-hour week, and gets paid accordingly.

In order to fund a fifth executive position, RSU members had to “determine how to save money,” said Whitfield, even though the budget has an increase due to inflation.

“Everyone is funded the same way, and everyone is paid the same way,” he said.

Diverlus has already spearheaded many events on campus, including Disorientation day, which took place during Orientation week.

“Students are going to see vp equity campaigns, and we want students to be a part of it,” said Whitfield.

Photo: Chelsea Pottage

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