Staff reshuffles over summer

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By Lee Richardson
News Editor

There have been plenty of changes at Ryerson over the summer, with many people being appointed to new positions while others step down.

Linda Grayson, vice-president of administration and finance, is leaving after 17 years with the university. She led the development of the Master Plan, which provides ideas on how to make the most of Ryerson’s limited campus space while keeping things efficient and sustainable. To clarify, our favourite part of the Master Plan is the mention of the Spacebox — a stackable student housing unit which bring to mind shipping containers.

After four years of being Ryerson’s first vice-president of research and innovation, Tas Venetsanopoulos is gone after stepping down back in July. Venetsanopoulos, who developed a postdoctoral fellowship program, and boosted administrative support for researchers, will be going on sabbatical before retuning to join the electrical engineering department. Taking his place will be Carla Cassidy — former dean of Faculty of Arts — who is holding the position until next June.

With Mehmet Zeytinoglu stepping down as interim vice provost academic, Chris Evans has been appointed to the first five-year-term. The position, which was introduced last year, involves planning and putting forward academic initiatives while giving advice on academic issues. Chris has already been involved with academic planning, providing input to Ryerson’s current academic plan ‘Shaping Our Future,’ while authoring part of the previous plan.

John Isbister, the new vice provost of faculty affairs, is arriving to Ryerson from Laurentian, where he was responsible for both the Humanities and Social Sciences departments. Before Laurentian, john worked in the economics department at the University of California in Santa Cruz, which – described as an “experimental university that put a priority on the student experience” – sounds really interesting.

Meanwhile, there are some new deans on board. Gerd Hauck has been appointed as dean of the Faculty of Communications and Design, while also gaining tenure as a theatre professor. With a PhD, three Masters degrees and three languages under his belt, Hauck’s history impressed us.

Mohamed Lachemi has moved up the ranks from the department of Civil Engineering, which he joined in 1998, through as Interim to his new fullyfledged position as dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Science.

For those of you who are curious as to how Wal-Mart affects GTA neighbourhoods, you may want to talk to Brian Ceh — recently appointed as chair of the Department of Geography — who is researching just that. Specializing in urban and retail issues and business geography, he has worked with NASA and the U.S Department of Agriculture. He replaces Shuguang Wang, who steps down as chair of geography after 5 years.

The School of Graphic Communications Management also has a new chair – Ian Baitz, who has been with Ryerson since 2001.

Before that he worked in the aviation industry, and he still carries an airline transport pilot licence. Baitz also received a Canadian Forces Decoration for his work in the Canadian Forces, where he is still a reserve officer holding the rank of captain. It might be a good idea not to annoy him.

After graduating from RTA in 1979, Charles Fazon returns to Ryerson as RTA dean, after working in television production.

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