Stephen Lewis a bargain for Rye

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By Diana hall

Ryerson snatched visiting professor Stephen Lewis for a very reasonable price, according to Sheldon Levy, the university’s president.

Although Levy would not confirm Lewis’ exact salary, he noted that it is less than the $50,000 to $80,000 range typically paid to high-profile visiting lecturers.

“[It is] a relatively small amount compared to what would normally be for someone of his stature.”

Stephen Lewis, a long-time global and community activist, has entered a three-year teaching contract as Distinguished Visiting Professor with the faculties of arts and community services.

“I think it’s a great catch for the university and I think he is a great professor,” said Levy.

Faculty of Arts interim dean Mark Lovewell said on Saturday it made “perfect sense” for Stephen Lewis to take up a teaching position at Ryerson.

“He is impressed … with the direction Ryerson is heading. He is really excited.”

Lewis, who is best known for his contributions as former UN Special Envoy for HIV/ AIDS in Africa, will be making visits to graduate classes this semester and will take up a co-teaching role for undergraduate courses in the winter.

Ryer son presented both Lewis and his wife, Michele Landsberg, with honorary doctorates in 2007. Lewis is expected to give at least two public lectures throughout the term that will be open to both students and the surrounding community.

“[Lewis] can act as a marvellous leading voice,” said Lovewell, citing Lewis’s advocacy for community involvement. “I expect great things from him.”

Photo courtesy of Ryerson University

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