Top 10 Rye hook-up spots

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By Allyssia Alleyne
Community Editor

When it comes to hooking up, location is everything. To spice up frosh flings, check out some of these campus hot spots.

1 The Quad:

The quad’s many wooden benches are good for those seeking a little discretion, but couples looking for the ultimate thrill should feel free to make use of the lush hill. Best time: Avoid being there after 1 a.m., unless an audience of homeless people is a turn-on.

2 The Library:

Have a sexy librarian fantasy? This is the place to turn it into a reality. Take advantage of the library’s tall stacks, private study rooms, and lack of supervision. Best time: The library is typically a ghost town on Sundays, as long as exams are at least two weeks away.

3 The Journalism Lounge:

Located in the Rogers Communication Centre, the lounge offers a taste of luxury. The couches provide necessary comfort, and the nearby microwave allows you to prepare energy-replenishing Pizza Pops between rounds. Best times: You might have to check in a few times before you find the lounge completely empty as it’s a popular spot for j-school students.

4 The Podium Building:

This spot is perfect for those who seek convenience. Its doors are open 24/7, which means that you’ll have a venue at your disposable whenever the urge strikes. Best time: Try to get there after midnight, when only commuters are still in the building.

5 The Recreation and Athletics Centre locker rooms:

Since you’re already pumping adrenaline and feeling great about yourself, there’s no better time for some action than right after an invigorating workout. The locker rooms are not co-ed, so it’ll take some stealth and planning to sneak in opposite-sex partners. Best time: Holiday weekends are ideal, but if you can’t wait until the off-season, go early.

6 Dorm Rooms:

The small beds and the odours wafting in from the hall are a bit of a mood kill, but dorm room hook-ups are as much a part of the university experience as procrastination and allnighters. Best time: During the afternoon (when most students are in class) or early in the morning if your neighbours need an alarm clock.

7 Oakham Cafe:

This is definitely not the right place to have sex, but nowhere on campus has as romantic a vibe as the Oakham cafe. Footsie and subtle PDA are fine though. Best time: During breakfast hours, following an exhausting night.

8 A Professor’s Office:

If you’re lucky enough to meet a cute professor that will let you stand close to him or her, take advantage of their ample desk space or sturdy office door. Best time: Whenever teacher gives you permission.

9 The AMC:

As tempting as it might be to fool around during a three-hour lecture, have some respect for your classmates and your professor: save it for after class. Buy a matinee ticket and neck in the dark next to patrons that aren’t marking your final exam. You can get discount tickets for the AMC at the Student Campus Centre.

10 The Roof of the Architecture Building:

Cut through the building’s boiler room, and brave a steep set of stairs to get to one of the most secluded hook-up spots on campus. Bring a blanket because the roof is covered with pebbles. Best time: At night, when you can take in a dazzling view of the city from the top, and the stars from the bottom.

Photo by Lauren Strapagiel

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