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A roundup of some of the shadier — and odd — things that happen around Ryerson’s downtown campus.

A student reported his $2,000 laptop stolen after he left it in a RCC classroom for five minutes. We say try to never leave your desk. Ever.

There have been more locker breakins reported in the past week, with a $350 netbook stolen from the firstfloor of Kerr Hall East. Another break-in in Kerr Hall East saw a $1,400 laptop and wallet full of IDs taken.

Two more break-ins were reported in Kerr hall South, but nothing was actually taken in either case.

A man was arrested for trespassing after he was found acting suspiciously in the SHE building. He seemed to be under the influence of drugs and had with him items – including a GPS and a cell phone – that were suspected to have been stolen.

A student who didn’t feel like paying her parking charges at 300 Victoria St tried to change the time on her parking ticket with a pen. We wish she had gotten away with it, because then we would have stolen the idea.

Leaving stuff to reserve your library seat while you’re away from your desk may seem like a good idea, but just be careful. A student reported his Blackberry stolen after leaving it on the second floor of the library for five minutes.

We understand that with mid-terms arriving stress levels are ramping up, but with reports of students fainting and having panic attacks, we say it’s important to take some time to relax. Just not too much.

A student has had two textbooks stolen from her locker in the third floor of Kerr Hall South, totaling a value of $304. We say that all stealing means bad karma, but stealing textbooks is a new low.

A student was treated by medical staff after complaining of itchiness on her stomach, where she had two insect bites. Let’s hope they weren’t bedbugs.

A student was taken to hospital saying she was having trouble breathing after a teammate fell on her chest during a sports game. It’s things like this that explains why The Eyeopener staff doesn’t play sports.

A staff member was injured after falling off her chair while trying to stack boxes, and a drunk student was treated by staff after sitting on her chair and falling backwards, hitting her head. We say don’t trust chairs.

The RSU is hosting an event on Friday that includes a meal of Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving? No, it’s the slightly ominous sounding “Fall Dinner.”

The deadline for opting out of the health and dental plan is upon us. You’ve got until Friday at 6 p.m. to leave the plan and earn yourself a refund cheque, which will be available to pick up in November.

Photo: Brad Whitehouse

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