Chang School program beats to a new drum

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By Diana Hall

A new certificate program offered through Ryerson University’s Chang School is attempting to re-establish an understanding of musical philosophy through the study of social and cultural cornerstones.

Announced in July 2010, the Certificate in Music: Global and Cultural Contexts program was created from course material offered by the music section in the department of philosophy to fuel an exploration of music’s impact in global society, said the certificate’s architect Kim Chow-Morris

“When we study music, we learn a great deal about the politics, history, belief systems, social hierarchies, and aesthetics of the cultures from which they arose,” she said. “We can begin to understand how music and its performers also impacted the societies around them.”

Created as a result of increased “student need” for a cohesive program available at any level of study for personal or professional purposes, the certificate in music program caters to the interests of a “diverse student body” who wish to delve into understanding of musical reflections of historical backgrounds and socio-political landscapes from communities around the world.

The new certificate is the first music program at Ryerson, comprised of six courses equal to the study of a minor in music.

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