Seduction Secrets

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Ryerson students share some advice on how to successfully seduce the girl or guy of your choice.

1.”Don’t just walk to a random girl and just tap  her. That just, you know, turns her off.  If she smiles at you, just walk up to her try starting a conversation. Basically, exchange a type a look and talk to her in a certain way.” — Shamsher Khan, first-year mechanical engineering

2. “I usually try walking into what I call ‘The Wolf Pack’ which is a when you have a pretty girl and a gathering of friends. It’s not the greatest situation for me because you have to try and balance out the personalities in the crowd. And not just single out that one girl. Or else you might have some tension and negative feelings in the group about you approaching that one individual.” — Ehab Hussein, first-year social work

3. “Go out for drinks with a guy, break the ice and just go from there. I think guys know when a girl is trying to be romantic or sexy with them because girls tend to change completely on how they talk, act and even dress.”

“Be confident. Guys can tell when a girl is not confident in who she is. You see those couples walking down the street and you ask, ‘how is that guy with that girl?’ It’s because she’s confident.” —Ada Bilali, third-year social work

4. “If you’re dancing at a club nobody wants someone humping them all the time. You gotta move your hips. I noticed that works. And also just dressing nicely.” —Taylor North, first-year radio and television broadcasting

5. “Try finding someone who has common interests by becoming involved in something that interests you, like a club or team. And coffee shops over bars — less sketchy.” — Emma Zulkoskey, second-year theatre production

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  1. What a goldmine of amazing advice, so new, so fresh, SO ORIGINAL. j/k.

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