The big picture behind your grad photos

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Shannon Higgins

Convocation photos at Ryerson aren’t worth a thousand words — they’re worth $30,000 in the Ryerson Students’ Union(RSU) coffers.

Here’s how it works: if you want cheesy Ryerson graduation photos for mom and pops, you pay a $25 sitting fee just to get your photo taken. Then, you pay out of the nose to the photography studio for a package. And when convocation rolls around, the RSU gives you a crappy class composite.

Every year the RSU negotiates a fee with Lassman Studios for allowing the company to set up shop in the Student Campus Centre and monopolize Rye grad pics. The union uses the photos as a source of revenue to pay for other student services. And while I will give the RSU kudos for offering the service on campus, other schools like the University of Toronto are doing it without the $25 sitting fee.

It’s kind of ironic that a students’ union who preaches about the follies of overcharging broke students is cashing in on a commission that is basically a cash grab.

Twenty-five dollars doesn’t seem like much. But it adds up with the $40 convocation fee and the $28,000 of debt most students are saddled with when they leave Ryerson. Just ask the RSU — they’re always ranting about how students get ripped off.


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