What the %$!@ is a Community Editor?

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Allyssia Alleyne
Community Editor

Didn’t know the Eyeopener had a community editor? Don’t beat yourself up over it.

The community editor position was created last year after a group of crackpot editors decided the paper needed someone to start nurturing its online community. They needed someone to take to the net and shine a spotlight on the oft’ neglected corners of the Ryerson experience, from under publicized clubs and events to exceptional student experiences and problems.

That’s when they called me in.

My name’s Allyssia Alleyne. I’m a second-year journalism student, vicepresident of outreach for les Étudiants Francophones de l’Université Ryerson, former RyePride campaigns and advocacy assistant and this year’s Eyeopener community editor.

If you’ve been visiting theeyeopener. com you’ve probably seen fun stories and videos about everything from campus events to hook-ups and ways to avoid the common cold in the community section. Expect more of that.

This year I’m setting out to show you that the Eyeopener isn’t just another inaccessible news outlet.

We actually care about your goals and achievements, your health and well-being, your pleasures and principles. We’re students too and we give a shit about the same things you do.

So if you have any issues you want addressed, events you want covered or questions you want answered, let me know and I’ll do my best to address them. Getting to these things is sort of my job, so feel free to bother me. I encourage it.

Twitter: @AllyssiaAlleyne, @TheEyeopener Email: communities@theeyeopener.com


  1. “This year I’m setting out to show you that the Eyeopener isn’t just another inaccessible news outlet.”
    It’s nice to see that you are putting the COMMUNICATION in COMMUNITY! It’s all about interaction. Online journalism is not what it used to be. Social media rules the new media landscape now and it’s up to community editors like yourself to keep your readers feeling engaged. Here’s a link to a very interesting article I ran across that talks about how things have developed in the “social media” world in the past few years. http://www.ourblook.com/sandy/Social-Media-From-Water-Cooler-to-the-World.html
    Anyway, great site! Can’t wait to see it get even better!

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